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A Medical Line Securement Device. Designed By a Nurse for Real Patient Applications.

  • Learn how to mitigate hazardous pulling and dislodgements of
    medical tubes, IV lines and cords.

  • Learn how the SecureMove® may reduce dressing disruptions and associated CLABSI rates. 

  • Learn how the SecureMove® can reduce ICU length of stay and improve staff efficiency.

Start a Trial

To start a trial with the SecureMove-TLC, please fill out the information below and schedule a 15-minute product demonstration.

SecureMove on Arm_edited.jpg


Lines Pulled Out Yearly In US



Of Early Mobility Therapy
Time Is Spent Detangling & Securing Lines



Spent In US Per Year
Replacing Vascular Access Devices Due To Line Pull-Outs &
Compromised Catheters


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