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The SecureMove-TLC is truly one of the most innovative, practical, and useful products I have ever used in my 10 years as a health care worker. As an Occupational Therapist in the acute care hospital setting, keeping lines secure an organized during self-cares and mobility can be very challenging. This product allows me to be a more efficient and effective therapist, while also providing safety and peace of mind for my patients.” 

Kristin R., OTR

Midwest Regional Academic Medical Center

“I can’t tell you how many times I have seen a patient’s line pulled during a turn in bed or a transfer. Having to get a post-open heart surgery patient dangled the first time can be a 30-60 minute affair due to trying to maintain and straighten lines.” 

 Jeannine D., RN, CCRN

Midwest Community Hospital

“A great product to save time for staff and improve safety for patients.”

Lindsey A., RN

Midwest Community Hospital

“My priority as a PT is to spend time working with my patient on strength and mobility, not on line management. Often at least 15 minutes are spent on line management when that time would be much better spent working with my patient.” 

Adria R., PT

Midwest Community Hospital

“As an experienced ICU nurse, and new nurse practitioner, I love this product. I was paged to replace a line after tangling resulted in dislodgement about a month ago. It took me over 30 minutes to replace it and it was a near miss for the patient.” 

Michelle B., ACNP

Midwest Community Hospital

“I think that my favorite place to use this would be in patient transport. Taking a sick patient down to CT is enough work – this would ease a lot of anxiety!” 

Clairissa A., MSN, ACNPC-AO, CCRN

Midwest Regional Academic Medical Center

“The SecureMove-TLC is the only reason my patient’s arterial line did not get pulled out while transferring a patient to a different bed. Every patient with a central and/or arterial line should have this product!”

Natalie G., RN, MICU

Midwest Regional Academic Medical Center

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