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News Update: RoddyMedical awarded Audience Choice at Mayo Clinic | Arizona State University MedTech Accelerator. Click here to learn more.

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Developing Innovative Medical Devices that
Improve Clinical Safety & Patient Outcomes

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Confidence in Safety & Mobility


Prevents Painful Line Pulling & Dislodgement

Secures & Organizes Lines For Patient Mobility & Transport


Prevents painful line pulling and dislodgement at insertion sites. If a pull force occurs (line becomes tugged or yanked), the pull force is mitigated at the device, leaving the patient's insertion site unaffected.

The SecureMove® aids in reducing the amount of time it takes to untangle, organize and secure patient lines
for patient movement, therapy
and transport. 

Tension Mitigation for Tubes, IV Lines & Cords

Skin Biocompatible,

Non-irritating, No Adhesives


Mitigates Line pulls up to 80+ pounds. Central venous catheters can pull out with as little 4-9 lbs. of pull force.


Made with all USP Class VI medical grade, skin biocompatible materials. Flexible and soft on skin. No adhesives. 

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Secures Multiple IV Lines, Cords & Tubes

Secures and manages up to 8 lines of varying sizes with one SecureMove-TLC®

Transfers Easily From Patient Arm to IV Pole

Can be easily transferred from patient arm to IV pole for versatility in patient mobility, transport, and daily care.

Single Patient Use

Can be worn for up to 30 days. 

Accommodates Multiple Transducers

Up to three transducers can be added to the SecureMove® for optimal monitoring.

Why SecureMove-TLC


Designed By A Nurse For Real Patient Applications

The founder of RoddyMedical, Lindsey Roddy, RN, almost lost one of her patients in the ICU due to a medical tubing hazard. When assisting a patient getting out of bed after surgery for therapy, the line carrying the patient’s life support got caught and pulled out of his neck. This was an extremely close call and was a jarring experience.


After being unable to find anything on the market that could have prevented this problem, and hearing from other nurses this was not an isolated incident, Lindsey began to design something that would prevent this from ever happening again. Soon after RoddyMedical was launched the SecureMove-TLC   was in development, providing a much-needed solution to early mobility issues:









The Solution - SecureMove-TLC

Reduce Tube/Line/Cord Hazards & Events

SecureMove-TLC - (patent-pending) is a wearable, single-use medical device designed to secure and organize different types of medical tubes, lines and cords to support patient therapy efficiency and improve IV medication safety. The patent-pending tension mitigation is designed to eliminate hazardous pulling and line/cord dislodgement during therapy, transport and patient movement. The SecureMove   enhances patient comfort, while promoting efficiency and time savings for staff.

Aid Clinical Staff In Achieving Therapy Goals

SecureMove-TLC - can significantly reduce the time and staff required to untangle and manage the tubes, lines, and cords, leaving clinicians with time saved for completing other tasks and attending to their patients.

 Cost Savings

SecureMove-TLC has paid for itself, if one line is prevented from being pulled out.  Not to mention, cost savings tied to benefits of meeting patient therapy goals. It is imperative to get patients up and moving during their hospital stay, this means earlier discharge, fewer hospital acquired conditions, fewer readmissions and significant hospital savings. $3.7M a year in hospital savings (per Johns Hopkins research).  


In Hospital Saving Per Year 
Early Mobility Means
Earlier Discharge

Contact Us - For more information and to find out how you can set up an appointment for a private demonstration. Please check back for updates and listings of conferences and podcasts where we will be demonstrating the SecureMove-TLC.



Lines Pulled Out Yearly In US


Of Early Mobility Therapy
Time Is Spent Detangling & Securing Lines


Spent In US Per Year
Replacing Vascular Access Devices Due To Line Pull-Outs &
Compromised Catheters














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About Us

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Pat Deno
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Lindsey Roddy, RN, PhD(c)

Pat Deno

Founder & CEO

Co-Founder & COO

Kyle Jansson

Co-Founder &

Director of Engineering

Establishing & Maintaining Clinical Partnerships, Clinical Product Testing & Validation, Sales,  Fundraising

Operations, Manufacturing & Supply Chain Management, Materials Testing, IP & Regulatory Strategy,

FDA Compliance,

Marketing & Sales Strategy 

Product Development, Prototyping, Design for Manufacturability,

Testing & Validation


UWMilwaukee Innovation Center

Our Address

1225 Discovery Parkway, Suite 162 

Wauwatosa, WI 53226

Tel:  414-395-5714

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For more information, and to find out how you can set up an appointment for a private demonstration, please fill in the following contact form:

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